Almost everyone believes that have a book inside them, but relatively few make the crucial step of putting pen (fingers) to paper (keyboard) to actually transform the characters and plots in their heads to something given life outside their own daydreams. Mills & Boon however has built over 100 years of successful publishing on the search for new and aspiring author talent who are living those stories out and transporting themselves and their readers to the best romance writing and reflecting the contemporary love story and unique voices within it.

But book publishing has changed hugely over that 100+ years and is in one of its periods of greatest innovation and excitement. Romance readers and writers have led the charge in that innovation as some of the most voracious readers and keen judges of talent in the wider world of books.

As a result Mills & Boon have joined forces with Kobo and Kobo’s Writing Life platform along with WHSmith (with whom Kobo have already established a partnership) to present aspiring writers with a unique opportunity that harnesses all sides of the modern publishing world to bring their story to the world.

We want to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible to encourage everyone to take that crucial next-step of bringing their story to life and submit to the Romance Writing Life competition. We also want to support prospective entrants through the 3 month submission period with content at that we hope will help guide that crucial synopsis and first chapter and offer helpful hints to keep you motivated and as excited to complete your entry and submit as we are to read how those ideas have transformed from ideas, to exciting lives in a wonderful romance.


Print and Digital Release

Mills & Boon, Kobo and WHSmith are excited to offer prizes for the top 3 places in the Romance Writing Life competition.

The Winner will receive a Grand Prize that includes a publishing contract as part of the iconic Mills & Boon imprint. The winning title will be available in both print and digital formats and the winner will work closely with an editor to bring their winning manuscript through the traditional editorial process to the point of publication.

Upon release the eBook will be supported by Kobo in a dedicated pre-order and post-release campaign as well as receiving prominence in print in WHSmith stores along with prominence on both the Kobo store and WHSmith websites.


The New Kobo Glo HD

Second and third place winners will be awarded the brand new Kobo Glo HD. This new device offers the highest resolution screen available on the market and at the lowest price. It’s a light and ultimately portable way to carry an entire library of up to 3,000 eBooks. With a 300ppi screen that delivers a clear print-on-paper experience, a low suggested retail price, easy registration and a concierge service, the Kobo Glo HD is a great option for both print booklovers considering eReading and digital enthusiasts alike.

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