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    1. Hi Carlyle,
      The manuscript does not have to be completed when you enter the contest. However, in the case you were selected, your manuscript is to be completed by September 30th, 2015. If you cannot meet this deadline, the 2nd place winner will be awarded the grand prize (provided she/he has a completed manuscript).

      Good Luck!

    2. Hi Carlyle,
      The manuscript does not have to be completed to enter the competition. However, you must complete the manuscript by the end of September 2015 in case you won the first prize.

      Kind regards,


  1. Hi, just noticed that in the guidelines you mention “New Adult Romance” – do you mean “Young Adult Romance?” I have tried to find the former on your site but have been unable to discover what you mean by “New Adult” and it’s not a genre I have come across before.


    1. Hi Raye,
      In reality “New Adult Romance” is not much different from “Young Adult Romance” in terms for style. What characterises this specific sub-genre is the age of the protagonists (18-25 age window) and the typical issues related to this period of their lives (e.g. leaving home, developing sexuality, negotiating education and career choices)

      I hope this help.

      Good luck!

    1. Dear Amelia,
      The notion of “romantic love” transcends colour, race and sexual orientation. In the light of this, the characters of your novel are at liberty to romantically fall in love as they see it fit.

      Good Luck!


    1. Hi,
      You can co-write the work but you have to enter the competition providing only one reference. We do that to keep the application process as streamlined as possible.

      Good Luck,


    1. Hi Roberta,
      Yes! You can submit self-published manuscripts as long as you retain the full property of the rights.

      Best luck,


  2. Hi,

    As this competition is sponsored by Mills and Boon; does the manuscript need to be written in the Mills and Boon format?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi,
      You can read all the writing guidelines on the “Submission” page you find on the drop-down menu of the navigation bar.

      Those guidelines come straight from M&B and provide you with the parameters required for this competition.

      Good luck,


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